Beyond the musical aspect, swing of France brings back to life the golden age of jazz musette by bringing a new image.

Jazz Musette Strikes back !

Les musiciens.

The four musicians have varied experiences in music, bringing a new colour to the musette while keeping the essence that makes the identity of the style.

Erwan Mellec


Grand-son of an accordionist, he grew up with it, but he didn't practice it right away. It was at the age of 16 that he took his first music theory lessons and began to learn the piano, and it was two years later that he moved on to the accordion. Over the years and encounters and after an intensive and even relentless practice of music, he knows that jazz is his music. He collaborates, participates in many projects in various styles, but he takes advantage of each of his collaborations to enrich his playing and assert his personality. In a little over a decade of music we have seen him play in many styles: Jazz, Nuevo Tango, French Song, Jazz Musette, Funk, Hip Hop... A musician without taboos and barriers, he enjoys music as much as he enjoys life without ever taking himself seriously.

Thomas Le Briz


Born into a family of musicians, Thomas le Briz's musical apprenticeship began at the age of 17 with the jazz trumpet. It was at the age of 20, following the discovery of an album by Django reinhardt, that he decided to choose the guitar as his main instrument. Self-taught guitarist, investigator and participant in many projects..... In 2010, Thomas Le Briz decided to specialize in swing waltzes by creating the group "Swing of France" with the accordionist Erwan mellec.

Erwan Salmon


The multiaxophonist Erwan SALMON can make the big gap between funk, contemporary jazz, bal musette and a work of abrasive textures, repetitive harmonic layers or broken drones. It is a kind of hybrid between Anthony Braxton and Colin Stetson, of an incredible discipline against resignation to the laws of physics and physiology and a skill consumed in the methodical dismantling of Adolphe Sax's beautiful pipes in order to generate these scratches made in the air, as his great uncle Michel Doneda would say.

Simon Mary

Double Bass

Creator, producer and composer of the group MUKTA (6 albums, 2 nominations at the Victoires de la Musique). As a bass player, he is involved in many projects: Steve Potts, Denis Leloup, Georges Arvanitas, Roger Guérin, Baptiste Trotignon, Baptiste Herbin Pierrick Menuau, Sara Lazarus, Kenny Wheeler, Alain Jean-Marie, Méderic Collignon, John Betsh, Geoffroy Tamisier, Gaël Horellou, Lolo Bellonzi, François Chassagnite, Alban Darche, Eric Barret, Jean-Louis Pommier, etc.) Has recorded more than 70 albums in fields as varied as jazz, pop and song.

    Franck Thomelet


    He discovered music with the family piano and the swing-musette orchestra of his father, Christian Thomelet, whose drums he played. Then learns with Jean "Popof "Chevalier and JP. Berthaud under the influence of Jazz drums. Studied percussion at the Nantes Conservatory with G. Heronimus and big band jazz under the direction of A. Mangerlsdorff in Sarzbruk (Germany). He discovered the blues and music of J. Hendrix with the group "Tequila" and played from 1983 to 1990 in the Netherlands. He meets the JF double bass. Jenny-Clark and drummer Georges Brown, and become familiar with the world of jazz. Between 2004 and 2009 he played in various jazz clubs in Madrid (Spain), and studied Peruvian and flamenco "cajón".


    La contre-attaque du Jazz Musette est passée par la :
    Festival Europajazz, Festival Django Memorial (Allemagne), Festival les rendez vous de l'Erdre (2015,2016,2017,2018), Festival des Nuits de Nacre, Festival Bals Barges, Centre Culturel (Namur, Loctudy), La Trocardière, Festival Jazz à Granville, Festival de Termignon, Festival Jazzinates, Festival les nuits salines, Festival Jazz Tempo, Festival chantez guinguettes, Festival les hivernales, le dansoir Karine Saporta, Festival bretelles sans frontières, Festival des scènes nomades, festival accordeopale, festival Week n Jazz, la Bellevilloise, Festival Estijazz, Festival Normandie impressionniste, Festival Mondial Folk, Jazz au Boulingrin, Festival Jazz n Arzon, Le caveau Croch Pied (Suisse), Festival Macadam Jazz, Festival Vercojazz (Suisse), Festival art en Bar, Jazz in Krampouez, Tournée Chine 2019, Tournée USA 2019, Minsk 2019, Tournée Japon 2020...

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